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Financial advisor

The beginning of XP Investimentos digital transformation started in 2018. They made an exclusive squad to meet the needs of the Investment Advisers. I was the first designer of this squad and had the incredible opportunity to build, shape the strategy, and services together with the team.'

My first task was to create an application for their financial advisors, executives and team members had business demands already defined for the application, I have to find out other ways to guide and engage with the problem in order to provide the best solution.
Xp Inc

Service design
Product design

2 Ux designers
3 Backends - 2 Frontends
1 Cto - 1 PM

Immersive research
XP Investimentos had never created a product or service applying design methodologies, my task was to bring a new approach to the squad, so I used the design thinking approach to facilitate the team's understanding of the financial advisors point of view.
18  Interviews
8  Offices
4  States

Transform the advisor experience into a digital extension of your relationship with XP and their fellow customers

How do we refine our vision with the advisor's real needs by allowing their behavioural patterns and motivations to help us achieve business goals?

We seek to understand the behavioral patterns and motivations of advisors to create the future. Bring service intelligence from a variety of channels and insights into the life of the advisor, XP and clients.
Style Guide
Creating a complete guide to publish content is consistent, polished, recognisable, and more enjoyable. Using atomic design as a methodology to involves breaking layouts down into its basic components, which are then reused throughout the app.
Interface & Motion

The first financial advisor's app in Latin America that allows users to access from everywhere their client's portfolio, management daily tasks, select products and submit orders for clients to approve.

Daily summary
Wake up and have daily summaries of your activities and a consolidated view of your client portfolio.
Token's access
Get the convenience of activating your account using the Hub Xp app only.
Given to users a tutorial animation to show how to use an interface throughout the app
Sales funnel
Get insight into your prospecting and sales funnel activities
Shopping cart
Choose among several financial products, managing multiple clients orders using just one path with accuracy and instant feedback