Global system

Avianca is the flagship of a group of eight Latin American airlines, whose operations are combined to function as one airline using a codesharing system. Avianca is the largest airline in Colombia and second largest in Latin America, after LATAM of Brazil-Chile.

We built this system on the shoulders of others. There are many principles of aesthetics, design, communication and psychology that our system uses inherently as a matter of what we know is good design.

Product design
Interaction design
Design system

1 Design director
2 Interaction designers
2 Product designers
Coherent experiences follow principles & guidelines
Evokes real delight and sensorial pleasure. Gives customers a sense of ease and control. Speaks to emotional
Give you facts, figures and clear explanations. Useful suggestions and affordance for acting on information.
Able to evolve. Responsive to user feedback. Self-learning. Modular. Extensible. Scalable. Portable
Offer users functionality and content based with zero input. A “push” model based on analytics of past behaviours

Avianca takes care
of the small things

So customers can focus on what really matters
to them, enjoying the experience
Self learning
To be responsive. Selflearning. Scalable.
Avianca delivers
the latest
Most accurate information to its customers.

What would happen if users could know when their IFE would stop working?

Helpful indicators improve users’ experience and
build trust between them and the system.

We make sure that they come through in all our interactions, be it with customers, staff, collaborators, partners or providers. We strive to provide an outstanding and consistent experience at every touchpoint.