Renan de Souza

I'm a Brazilian designer focused

on UI/UX design with more than 10

years of experience.

A Brazilian designer focused on create delightful visual experiencies with an user-centered mindset 

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About me 



I'm constantly searching for innovative ideas in order to deliver what is the best in terms of interaction and motion graphics.

Also I relish the opportunity to be involved in projects at the concept stage where I can introduce my ideas and help to shape the course of projects from start to end.

I'm capable of presenting and discussing my ideas and designs with clients and I have the great ability of communicate with my team and colleagues in the most efficient and professional way. I'm dedicated and hardworking designer and always try to improve my techniques and continue to learn new skills.


Ownership / Service vision / User centered / Craft / Prototyping / Experience / User interface / Experience design / Design Craft / Prototyping / Roadmap / User interface


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